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I liked this, but it reminded me of Pac-Man a lot. IDK why.


Haha I'll take it as a huge compliment :) Thank you for playing ! Cheers 

This game is actually fun. It would be useful if the warning system between the mage and the skeleton was more active.

Would also be nice if the game saved.

If a ritual is completed having lost health returned would be a good idea.

Hi :) Thanks a lot for your comment and the suggestions!

When you say 'more active' , do you mean 'last longer and/or come back a few times' ? 

If it's what you mean , maybe I can answer all of your suggestions at once : I thought a lot about the difficulty of the game and what I wanted the duration of a session to be.It's a jam game, so I had to be simple and quick, and I wanted the game sessions to be quick and challenging, so I tweaked a lot all the aspects of the gameplay like the respawn time of the tombs , speed of the hunter and the ghoul, health , and stuff like that. In the first iterations, Tombs were not destroyed when digged ,life returned, and the alert was here for all the duration of the session. And playing it for a while, I thought that the game was becoming too easy too quick, so I deleted the alert, made the tombs breakable and life loss definitive, and finaly add the alert again but just once in the begining . 

At the time , and with the objective of short sessions , I did not think that a save option was necessary. But I'm working on an other little game at the moment, and save will be needed, so I may come back to this game and add it too. If you think it's useful , maybe other people would agree with you.

All of your suggestions are leading to one possibility, if I work on the game again , I may add difficulty levels, maybe an easy or normal mode with more alerts and life returning when reaching a certain score, and maybe a difficult mode with no alerts and definitive health loss.

I hope my (too long) answer covers it all ! 

Cheers !

~ The early warning system with the red arrows helps. You know if a hunter is coming, but most important, you know if a bone is about to be stolen, which you can't see from above. Losing a bone also burns off your health.

Once that warning system stops, you don't know what is going on below and if the hunter is just off screen.

~ Dig time is decent, but it would be cool if you could "upgrade" the skeleton and other things. Maybe the mage does more damage.

~ Tombs breaking seems fine to me. It makes you have to move.

~ Health loss being permanent makes the session very hard to keep going, especially with only 3 of it.

~ There is no saving of high scores or the active game you are in. Would be interesting if the dark door underground had a high score system in it.

I did a Twitch stream of your game on Sunday 02/17/19 and I uploaded it to my YouTube channel today.

I recorded myself playing it for the first time and made commentary on how I thought it played and what I liked/didn't like.  I tried to be objective.  I'm trying to provide honest feedback and playtesting to indie devs.  The link is below.

Hey ! Thanks a lot for your  review and for showing the bugs . As said in the description, the game was made in two weeks , it's a one-man project  and I uploaded the game half an hour before the end of the jam, so I did not have the time to test it very much. I'll fix the music and the problem that prevents from restarting the game after two runs. Also , you are not the first annoyed by the speed of the characters so i'll fix that too ! For the rest,  I may be working on the game some more to add an increasing difficulty. Thanks again for playing and showing me the review ! Cheers 

I mean, if you happened to watch any of the other videos on the channel, you'll see that other games were released with more staff and less finished.  So, good on you.  I liked it for what it was.  I'd be interested in an updated version when you get to it.

Thanks a lot ! I fixed the bugs you mentionned in your vid and tweaked the speed of the characters , feel free to test it again if you want to. I'll let you know if I continue working on this game ( it might happen, I have a few ideas I want to add to the game ).  Cheers !

That's really cool! Love the art and soundtrack and the concept is also fun :)

It would be more enjoyable on the long run, if the game would gradually add more stuff to watch out for (more enemies, etc), but of course this is just the concept for the game jam. Good stuff!

Hey !! Thanks a lot for your feedback ! Glad you like it !

You are absolutely right , when I have time to update the game, this will be the first thing I work on. The game needs to be more difficult , more hunters , more ghouls , more bones to get to perform the rituals the more you spend time in a run , things like that,  because if you play a few games , game starts to be really easy when you get it haha .

Anyway , thanks again for your feedback ! means a lot !